About Bo’s Hollow


Our Mission 

Bo’s Hollow is a family built, owned and operated Village. It was started in 2003. What began as a dream has become a reality. Allowing people to experience the peacefulness and beauty of Bo’s Hollow. The seclusion of the hollow allows you to easily step back in time. You can get away from the stress and rushed times of today. Bo’s Hollow was built so you may enjoy the tranquility of the hollow.

It is our hope that future generations will be able to see what life in the rural 1930s would have been like. Take your time as you walk through the Village and enjoy the many details.  Check out the hoosegow, outhouse and mine. Many people today have never seen a working windmill or ridden through a covered bridge.You can take a fifteen minute ride in a Model A or have a picnic on Ashley Creek. Hear the waters of Ashley Creek as it rushes by. See the Ram Pumps as they pump water to the outhouse. Listen to the crowing of the roosters. In the spring you may hear the gobble of a turkey on the near by bluffs, or the warning of the deer as they sense danger. Winter means watching for Bald Eagles as they fly by or roost in the trees overlooking  Ashley Creek.

It is our desire that when you leave Bo’s Hollow you will have a much better knowledge of Henry Fords Model A’s. Bo’s gas station was built with the Model A enthusiast in mind. The gas station has a lot of interesting memorabilia.

The Model A was built from 1928-1931. Everyone that comes to Bo’s Hollow has an interesting story or memory of a Model A.

We want people to have a greater appreciation for the lovable hard-working donkey. They are still a very valuable and useful animal on the farm or as a pet.

Meet Lynne, David and Dale

Big Brown